Competitive Baseball League

Blake Marchant

League Director

League Description

CBL of Iowa General information                      

The CBL is a league designed for competitive tournament baseball teams.

The CBL will be held at Des Moines Metro fields.

The CBL will be sanctioned by Iowa USSSA Baseball.

The CBL will be officiated by Iowa USSSA baseball umpires.

League Structure

All teams playing CBL will be provided 10 games (no season ending tournament)

League play will be divided by division.  Combinations of A/AA and/or AAA/Major for example may occur based on numbers of teams per division registered.

Teams will earn 200 USSSA points for participating in the league.

Game length will be as follows:

  • 7U - 1 hour 15 minutes
  • 8U - 1 hour 30 minutes
  • 9U-14U - 1 hour 40 minutes


League Fee: $1450/team ages 11-14 and $1250/team ages 7-10U (one umpire)

Any applicable tax will be added to all league registrations.

Game Schedule

Games will be scheduled at the mandatory scheduling meeting. Date March 6, 2022. The scheduling meeting will be completed via Microsoft Teams.

Games played Monday through Friday. (an occasional weekend if available)

League play begins the week of March 28th and end the week of June 13th weather permitting.

Weeknight League play game times are 5:40pm, 7:00pm(7U only) and 7:30pm.


Current Iowa USSSA rules will be followed.  All teams must be registered with USSSA.

Teams will earn 200 USSSA points for participating in the league.


Registration Deadline is February 13, 2022.

Practice packages may be offered depending on field space.  If practice space is available, registration and payment ($37.50/hr) will be on a first come first served basis. Teams will be notified of practice opportunity after the league schedule is complete.

Each team is responsible for bringing 2 game balls to each game.  Game balls must be non or slightly used regulation leather baseballs.  Teams may retain the balls at the conclusion of each game

Each site is responsible for its own communication (rainout etc).

CBL at Holiday Park will be conducted by Sportsplex West.  Fields maintained by Iowa Cubs Sports Turf management.

CBL at Walnut Creek will be conducted by Walnut Creek Baseball and fields maintained by Walnut Creek Baseball.


Central Iowa Wolverines


ADM Tigers

Indianola Baseball Club

Iowa SeaWolves



Waukee Lightning

Waukee Lumberjacks

Waukee Sharks

Waukee Wolfpack

WDM Saints


DCG Stampede

Indianola Baseball Club

Iowa Sticks SBA Owens

Norwalk Naturals 2031

SFA Knights


Iowa Saints

Iowa Sticks 9U Red

Waukee Force

10U A/AA

Indianola Baseball Club

Iowa Sticks Kornstad

Iowa Sticks SBA Klages

Norwalk Naturals Grey

Waukee Storm

Waukee Warthogs

WDM Sharks



Central Iowa Velocity

Indianola Baseball Club

Iowa Sticks Moulton

Norwalk Warriors

Waukee Sharks G.S.

11U A/AA

Ankeny Dirt Devils

Indianola Baseball Club

Iowa Sticks SBA Dunker


Iowa SeaWolves

12U A/AA

Iowa Sticks Craven

Iowa Sticks SBA Gorden

Iowa Sticks SBA Lago

Midwest Shock


Iowa Sticks Abram

Iowa Sticks Troncin

Waukee Cubs

2021 CBL Scheduling Meeting

Date: March 6, 2022

Where: Zoom Meeting Online

How it works:

  1. Teams will be selected in random order to pick the game time and location that they want to play. After going through the order, the next round will be in reverse order. There will be 5 rounds of location selection.
  2. Match ups will be predetermined using a random scheduling software program and be presented to the coaches.
  3. Each team will choose 5 game times of their choice (one at a time) and the opponent will be already listed based on the predetermined match ups.
  4. Game slots will be presented to all coaches and only the number of games a division needs will be available.
  5. For example: Team #1 will have first pick. That coach will then choose the location and time and the matchup associated with that team will be placed into that slot as well.

Meeting times will be announced one week prior to the scheduling meeting.














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