Apex Air 7 on 7 Football

Russ Fairfield

General Manager - D1 Des Moines

It is our goal to prepare our athletes to compete at the next level. We are dedicated to providing a professional environment where athletes will have the opportunity to develop advanced skills and further test their skills on a competitive platform. Character and work ethic are foundations of athletic development and will be the pillars we build upon. We will hold high expectations of all those involved to conduct themselves with respect, uplift those around them, challenge themselves and commit to the process.

We will form teams for 14u, 16u, and 18u. We will not be turning anyone away if they decide to commit to us and join the Apex Air program. Teams will be decided by early to mid-January.

Practice will be held 3 days per week, each practice lasting at least 90 minutes. (2 weekday morning/evenings and Saturday morning). We will be looking to develop individual next-level skills for every athlete in a team environment. Every athlete will be given equal attention and opportunity to improve regardless of their current skill set.














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