3v3 Basketball

Blake Marchant

League Director

Sportsplex West 3v3 Basketball League is a league for the players. This is an opportunity to enjoy basketball in a fun and low stress environment while still learning and developing their skills. We encourage good competition and good sportsmanship during our 3v3 league. We ask that coaches do not "coach" the teams during play. Let the kids go out and learn on their own and have fun!

Please register your player for the grade they will be attending the Fall of 2022.

Nights of play Monday-Friday

3V3 League Details
Horizon Courts, 2100 NW 100th St, Clive
Cost: Team League Fee - $200 + applicable tax (team only registrations)
Games: 8 game season
Season Dates: July 11 - Aug. 19 (6 weeks)
Age Groups: Boys and Girls grades: 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8                
Registration Deadline:
July 1, 2022

3v3 Basketball Summer League

Grade 3 - Boys

Ankle Breakers

Triple Doubles
SHS Swoosh

Team Eason

Grade 3 - Girls

DCG Mustangs


Norwalk Warriors 2032 - Black

Norwalk Warriors 2032 - Purple

Grade 4 - Boys

Battlers 4th

Dallas County Demons

Fighting Squirrels


Johnston Ballers
Johnston Dragons


Norwalk Warriors White

Norwalk Warriors Purple

Northwest Wildcats


Saints 2

Splash Bros

Waukee Inferno

Grade 4 - Girls

ADM Tigers

Norwalk Flash
The Ballers

Grade 5 - Boys


Bussin Ballers

Fast 5


Norwalk Warriors

SEP Rampage
Waukee Ballers

Waukee Jam Blue
Waukee Thunder

Whalers Black

Whalers Blue

Grade 6 - Boys

Big Daddiez

Norwalk Warriors

Norwalk Warriors - Travis
Waukee Vipers
Westside Boys

Wolves + Jam

Grade 6 - Girls


Dream #2
Jam Blue

West Des Moines Dream

Grade 7 - Boys

Jock Jams

Johnston Dragons

Killer 3s
Mustang Hoops
Summer JAM

Team Different


Grade 8 - Boys

DCG Mustangs

Iowa Vipers

Waukee Jam White

Waukee Prime Time

Sportsplex West 3v3 Basketball Rules

  1. Games consist of (2) 10 minute halves with a 2-minute half time. Continuous running clock during the halves. NO TIMEOUTS!
  2. Games are played on Half Court
  3. Scoring: 2 points inside the arc, 3 points outside the arc
  4. Free Throws: One shot will be given to a player that is fouled in the act of shooting. A missed free throw is a live ball (unless it is an air ball). A free throw is worth 2 points if the player was fouled inside the arc, 3 points for outside the arc.
  5. Intentional Fouls (no matter the time of game) will result in 2 points plus the ball for the fouled team.
  6. Following a made basket or dead ball, the other team can check the ball in anywhere behind the take back line (3 point line).
  7. Both feet and ball must go outside the take back line (3 point line) at a change of possession.
  8. A ball that goes out of bounds under the hoop will be checked back in behind the take back line (3 point line).
  9. Half court line is considered out of bounds.
  10. Stealing is not allowed when there is a change of possession and the ball is being taken back behind the take back line (3 point line). All other times, stealing is allowed.
  11. Defense is awarded all jump balls.
  12. 3 seconds in the lane, Refs will issue reminders early. Excessive violations will result in turn-over.
  13. A defensive rebound must be taken back behind the take back line (3 point line).
  14. "Paper, rock, scissors" will determine the team that gets the ball first.
  15. Ties will be settled with a sudden death free throw shootout. Each team receives equal opportunities to shoot free throws until one team makes one and the other team misses their shot. New shooter each time.
  16. Teams need to wear matching jerseys of the same color that have a number on them (Front/back or both).
  17. 3rd grade will play on 9ft hoops -- All other divisions will play at 10ft hoops.
  18. All divisions will use the 28.5 size basketball.
  19. Each team will be required to have one parent to run the scoreboard.
  20. Please be respectful of the opponents and facility. Show good sportsmanship and help keep the facility clean.














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