3v3 Basketball

Blake Marchant

League Director

Sportsplex West 3 V 3 Basketball League is a league for the players. This is an opportunity to enjoy basketball in a fun and low stress environment while still learning and developing their skills.  We encourage good competition and good sportsmanship during our 3 V 3 league. We ask that coaches do not "coach" the teams during play. Let the kids go out and learn on their own and have fun!

3 v 3 League Details:

Location: Sportsplex Courts in Waukee and Other Possible Des Moines Metro Courts

Cost: Team League Fee = $150 + applicable tax

Games: 8 game season.

Season Dates: July 13 - August 14 (5 weeks)

Age Groups: Boys and Girls Grades -- 3rd/4th/5th/6th/7th/8th
Registration Deadline: July 1st

3rd Boys

ADM Tigers



SFA 1 (Curtin)

SFA 2 (Curtin)

SFA 3 (Curtin)

SFA 4 (Curtin)

WDM Tigers

Waukee Whalers

West Des Moines Wolves

4th Boys

4 Warriors



Norwalk AirBallers

SFA Saints

Waukee Vipers


4th Girls

Adel Tigers

JAM 4th

Johnston Dragons

Mighty J-Hawks


5th Boys

Ankeny Hoopers


Maroon Tigers

Norwalk Warriors (Howe)

Norwalk Warriors (Eisele)

Not Applicable


Storm 1

Storm 2


5th Girls

Crashers 5th

JAM 5th

Rams (Wheatly)

6th Boys



Norwalk Warriors


Team Jones


6th Girls

Crashers - 6th

JAM 6th Blue

JAM 6th Orange

Waukee Fire

7th Boys

JBC Gold

JBC Gold 2

Mustangs - Johnson

Non-Contagious COVID Warriors

SFA Dogs


7th Girls

Battlers Girls

Battlers (Neon)

JAM 7th Blue

JAM 7th Orange

8th Boys

Ankeny Magic


Bucks Black


Flyers Blue

Flyers White

Iowa Roll Tide

Iowa Swish

Norwalk Warriors (Thomas)

Norwalk Warriors (Wallace)

The Ballerz

The Bots

Warriors - Lents

Waukee Jam

8th Girls

Jam 8th Blue

Jam 8th Orange

Jam 8th White














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