Second Season Baseball League

Blake Marchant

League Director


Second Season is designed with the player and coach in mind. Whatever your goals are going into next year's season may be, Second Season can help you accomplish those goals. Whether you want to get a jump start on the new rules for the following year, accumulate more points towards next year, play more baseball to improve your skills, or just play with you buddies,  Second Season will help you do all of those. With flexible rosters, accommodating  scheduling and coaches input, Second Season can help you develop as a coach, team or player. It is designed to be a relaxed, competitive fun league with some flexibility.

2023 AAA/MAJ teams will play in their 2024 age division. (example: 2023 11U MAJ team will play 12U in Second Season)

USSSA Points

USSSA Teams will get 100 team points to be applied toward next year. Rosters are free from exclusions and relaxed. Teams may choose to play in the age division that they will play in next year if they wish (required for higher level teams). This is a USSSA Sanctioned league and all teams are required to register. If your team is not registered USSSA for the following year, you must do that first. YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE YOUR POINTS IF YOU DON'T REGISTER. Free agent teams (teams of individual sign ups) will also be sanctioned by the league directors.


  1. Team Fees – This fee will be good for 10 games. Teams will be required to furnish their own uniforms.
  2. Free Agent Fees – This fee will be good for one individual to be placed on a team, play 10 games and receive one jersey.
  3. Umpire  – Cost is Included
  4. 5U/6U - No umpires provided – coach/parent umpire
  5. 7U-10U -  one umpire
  6. 11U-15U - two umpires


  • March 21 – Registration opens
  • June 18 – Registration deadline (Deadline extended from June 11)
  • July 1 – Schedule is released
  • July 10 – First possible games scheduled


  • League Director/Scheduler: Blake Marchant -
  • League Assistant Director/Free Agents: Austin Marchant -


  2. Deadline is June 11, 2023
  3. League will consist of 10 games
  4. Goal is to have schedules out by July 1, 2023
  5. All games will be played at Central Iowa fields
  7. BLACKOUT DATES: Please email all blackout dates and requests to Blake Marchant -
  8. SPECIAL REQUESTS: Please put requests such as “would like to be on the same team as...” in the Notes and Comments Section of the registration. Can also be emailed to Austin Marchant -
  9. COMPLETE SEASON: Second Season will be considered complete if 90% of all games are played. If one game of the 10 game schedules is unable to be rescheduled due to weather cancellations or previous scheduling conflicts, the season will be considered complete. For each subsequent game unable to be rescheduled, the team will be refunded 10% of fees for that team.
  10. FORFEIT/NO SHOWS: Games or fail to show-up and reschedule game with opponent will be required to pay opposing team $100 per game missed unless arrangements are made with the league scheduler.
  12. Must be made through the league scheduler and the opposing coach a minimum of 14 days prior.
  13. Team needing to reschedule will be required to contact scheduler for available times and then work with opposing coach to find a time that works for both teams.
  14. Both teams MUST confirm with league scheduler
  15. Online schedule is the final schedule and will be updated very frequently


  • Free Agent  
    Jersey (t-shirt is included). Hats and Pants are not provided.

    Jersey (t-shirt) is not provided. Teams can use their team’s jersey from 1st season.


Central Iowa Angels

DCG Thunder

House Team #1

House Team #2

House Team #3

Iowa SeaWolves 7U

Iowa Sticks

Iowa Young Guns

Left Lane Athletics

Lucas County Diamondbacks

Warrior Baseball Club


DCG Colts

DCG Mustangs

DSM Rhinos

House Team #1

House Team #2

House Team #3

House Team #4

Iowa Closers

Iowa Gold

Iowa Sticks

Norwalk Warriors 8U

SEP Rams

Spring OBL A's

Twin Rivers



House Team #1

House Team #2

Iowa SeaWolves 9U

Waukee Canes


Cap City Spiders

Central Iowa Raptors

House Team #1

Iowa Crush

SFA Knights 10U

The Kids

Waukee Wild



Des Moines Royals 11U

Hit Squad

House Team #1

House Team #2



Des Moines Royals 12U

House Team #1

House Team #2

Iowa SeaWolves 12U


Des Moines Dingers

House Team #1

Waukee Avalanche

Waukee Bolts

You may play at your age this year or play at the age you will be playing at next year. Ex: If you child played at 8U this season – you can enroll at 8U or 9U (even if they are 9 now)

  • Division Recommendations for Individuals and Teams
  • 5U/6U- T-Ball Players and Developing 6U Teams - Modified Coach Pitch
  • Change from T-Ball - Coaches have the option to Pitch
  • 7U– High Level 6U teams/players and Developing 7U teams/players
  • Change from 6U – Coach Pitch Only
  • 8U- Developing 8U teams/players & High Level 7U teams/players
  • Change from 7U - Kid pitch/40 ft mounds
  • 9U- Developing 9U teams/players & High Level 8U teams/players
  • Change from 8U - Lead offs/65 ft bases/46ft mounds
  • 10U- Developing 10U teams/players & High Level 9U teams/players
  • Change from 9U - NONE
  • 11U- Developing 11U teams/players & High Level 10U teams/players
  • Change from 10U - 70ft bases/50 ft mounds
  • 12U- Developing 12U teams/players and High Level 11U teams/players
  • Change from 11U - NONE
  • 13U- Developing 13U teams/players and High Level 12U teams/players
  • Change from 12U - 80 ft bases/54 ft mounds
  • 14U- All 14U teams/players and High Level 13U teams/players
  • Change from 13U – 90 ft bases/60 ft mounds
  • FREE AGENTS vs TEAMS: 2ND Season is designed for a mix of players from different baseball backgrounds.  The goal is to play competitive games while having the option to play at the following year’s rules.
  • TEAMS - Sign up your team - if you need a couple of additional players, please contact Blake at for available free agents
  • FREE AGENTS - Sign up as an individual (free agent) and be placed on a team.  Players may be put on an existing team or entirely new team. We will use every effort to fill free agent teams but players are not guaranteed a space if the numbers do not allow.  First come first served.  We will make every effort to find a spot for your player.


  • All Rules will be USSSA rules unless otherwise noted – see links to rules in column on left of page.
  • USSSA By-Laws- 7U - 14U          
  • IMPORTANT!!!  This league allows coaches to implement their own rules into a game as long as both coaches agree prior to the game and the umpire is notified
  • Examples of rules agreed upon by coaches prior to game that are not USSSA
  • Max 4 runs per inning/Max 7 hitters per inning
  • No Lead-offs for part or all of the game
  • 80 bases or 54 ft mounds for 14U division-played by 13U playing up














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