Basketball Season 2

Blake Marchant

League Director

At SportsPlex West our basketball league is designed to provide youth in grades 1 through 8 the opportunity to play several basketball games. During the league, each team will play 10 games plus a season ending tournament where a champion will be crowned.

There are two divisions to sign up for:

  1. Competitive - DI and DII teams
  2. Rec - House Teams and DIII teams

You can register as a free agent, or you can register a full team.

1st Boys Competitive

515 Hoops

ADM Tigers

DCG Mustangs - Carlton/Steinkamp


SEP Rams

TBD (Clair)

1st Boys Rec

ABC Maroon

ABC Gold


House Team #1

House Team #2

Johnston Dragons

1st/2nd Girls

ABC Maroon

ADM Tigers


House Team #1

Lady Huskies

Van Meter Bulldogs

Waukee Wildfire

2nd Boys Competitive

Hills Crew

Iowa Battlers

Iowa Flight

JBC Gold


Saints - WDM

2nd Boys Rec

ABC Maroon

ABC Gold

ADM Tigers (Mars)

Central Iowa Tornadoes

House Team #1

House Team #2

JBC 2nd Purple

Waukee Storm

3rd Boys Competitive

Dallas County Demons

Iowa Battlers

JBC Gold

Johnston Dragons

Star Screamers

Waukee Inferno

Waukee Tropics


WG Little Hawks


3rd Boys Rec

ABC Gold

House Team #1

House Team #2

Hot Shots

Norwalk Hotshots


Waukee Legends

3rd Girls Rec

WDM Tigers

4th/5th Boys Competitive



Iowa Battlers Black 4th

Iowa Battlers White 4th

Iowa Battlers Black 5th

Iowa Battlers White 5th

SFA Fire

Waukee Mavericks

Waukee Thunder

4th Boys Rec

House Team #1

House Team #2


Iowa ThundeWolves

6th/7th Boys Rec

House Team #1

Iowa Battlers Yellow 6th

Waukee Shock

WDM Pure Playaz














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Basketball Season 2

Our basketball league is designed to provide youth in grades 1 through 8 the opportunity to play basketball.

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